Hannah Weiss

Hannah Weiss (she/her/hers) is a New York state native who was born in the Bronx and grew up in New Rochelle, NY. She is a devoted STEM communicator who has spent over a decade in parks, zoos, aquariums, children’s museums, and science museums, working to engage people of all ages in the joy and wonder of STEM. She has an undergraduate degree in biology with a mathematics minor from the University of Rochester and a graduate degree in education from Radford University. Her career has brought her all over the country and has had her working everywhere from the beach to mountaintops and in classrooms and labs of all sizes. Throughout her varied career Hannah has hosted a monthly television segment on local news, developed methodology for adapting Project Based Learning to informal settings, coached award winning Kid Wind and Lego League teams, and even attained National Geographic Educator certification.

Outside of her work in STEM, Hannah is an unrepentant geek with a love of all things pop culture. You can often find her working to join these two passions either through contributions to Cosplay for Science or in her subtle nods to a well-known bus driving science teacher through her expansive STEM wardrobe. After all, what fun is science if it doesn’t take chances, provide the room to make mistakes, and get at least a little messy.