Thorne’s EdVenturers Club members are Thorne’s most generous contributors who help us connect youth, and specifically our community’s lowest income youth, to nature!


Thorne offers special “Edventure” events to members of its Edventurer Club.  These events are designed to help our most generous donors better understand the uniqueness, quality, and importance of Thorne’s programs.  Past “EdVentures” have included Wine Tasting and Wildflower Identification for adults and Bird Banding and Bagels for families.  These events are a fun way for Thorne to give back to the donors who make our important work possible and allow them a glimpse into the type of special experiences their gifts allow us to provide to our community’s underserved youth.  Check back to see a list of upcoming Edventurer Club events.


Thorne Nature Experience has been connecting Boulder County youth to nature through joyful, hands-on, place based environmental education experiences for more than six decades, and our mission is more important now than ever. As a result of increased “screen time” and the corresponding dramatic decrease in the amount of time youth are spending outdoors, today’s youth, and especially our community’s low-income youth, are suffering in greater numbers from obesity, social/emotional disorders, and poor academic achievement. Fortunately, Nature, Thorne’s programs, and YOU have the power to address these concerns.

The kids in our community that have the least access to nature are disproportionately low-income and Latino. Many live in neighborhoods that lack nature and outdoor play spaces, as well as pathways to safely access nearby nature and outdoor recreation opportunities. In addition, their parents and families often are not nature connected and their schools lack the resources needed to ensure equitable access to nature and the outdoors or access to informal environmental education and outdoor recreation programming. It is for this reason that Thorne dedicates the majority of its efforts and energies to reach and engage low-income and Latino youth. Each summer we provide more than $150,000 in scholarships to our award-winning summer camp and during the school year we reach in excess of 7,000 youth through our in-school and after-school programs (more than 60% of these youth participate in their schools free and reduced lunch program and/or are students of color).

To accomplish this important work, we rely on generous support from individuals like you! It is our sincere hope that you will consider joining Thorne’s EdVenturers Club by making an annual gift to Thorne of $500 or more.  Colorado’s Child Care Contribution Tax Credit makes now the best time ever to contribute to Thorne Nature Experience. Thorne is a licensed Colorado child care provider and gifts to Thorne are dedicated to our summer camp and after school programs making them eligible for the tax credit. Colorado taxpayers who make a monetary contribution to promote child care in Colorado may claim an income tax credit of 50% of the total contribution.  CLICK HERE to learn how you may benefit from the tax credit.




2021 Edventurers

Thank you to our current Edventurer Club members:

1908 Brands, Cynthia Allen, Lauren Alweis and Joel Gratz, Analog Devices Foundation, Gwen Appel and Keith Pew, Max and Elaine Appel, Anonymous, April Fund, Brad Armstrong, Melissa and Chad Arnold, Backpackers Pantry, Dan Bailey, Baird Foundation, Tom and Currie Barron, Amy Battles and Dave Payne, Brian Beitner, Sue Blessing, Jabe Blumenthal and Julie Edsforth, Bobolink Foundation, Braly Family Foundation, David and Carly Brantz, Brett Family Foundation, Broomfield Community Foundation, Nate and Suzy Burger, Tim Butler and Linda Clement, Frank Caccavallo, Lancene Cadora, Steve and Amy Carpenter, Graham Casden, Blaine and Emily Cheshire, Clif Bar Family Foundation, Community Foundation of Boulder County, Melissa Coomes, Cordon Pharma Colorado, Stuart Cummings and Laura Michaelis, Bret DeBenedictis and Sarah Bartles, Jeannie DeMarinis and Rich Lopez, Keith Desrosiers and Mia Rosingana, Martha Dick, Jenefer and Terry Donovan, Doughty Family Fund, Patrick Duncan and Sandy Hockenburg, Heidi Eckert and Steve Gaede, John Ellis, Rebecca and William Ellis, Joe and Connie Esch, Stephen and Mary-Woodson Felker, Carlos Fernandez and Sarah Hauck, Carol and Bob Fier, Flatirons Bank, Nan Thorne Fogel, Brad and Carrie Fross, Bruce Gamache, Calvin and Melanie Gauss, Jackie Geister, Sissy Gibson, Justin and Nancee Gold, William Gordon Family Fund, Ann Fitzsimmons and John Gould, Green Fund, Green Machines, Dave Grusin and Nan Newton, Bryan Guarente and Andrea Smith, John and Jane Harmon, Maria Hassett, Michael Hay and Kate Campbell-Hay, Rollie and Josie Heath, Pablo Hester and Marissa Seuc-Hester, Lolita Higbie, Sandy Hockenbury and Patrick Duncan, Quayle and Almina Hodek, Scott & Kyle Holton, Andy and Genny Horning, Aaron and Sarah Houghton, Wayne Itano and Christine Yosinaga-Itano, Chris and Abby Jacobs, Ian and Jessica Jacobson, Brian Jamison, Charles & Ann Johnson Foundation, Justin’s LLC, Karl and Nancy Kellogg, David and Molly Kirk, Arthur Klipfel, Kristin and Jesse Lawrence, Gary and Ann Leago, Andreas and Laura Lee, Jacques M. Littlefield Foundation, Longmont Community Foundation, David and Teresa Madden, Margaret’s Hope Fund, Patricia Marshall, Ali Mayer, Christa and Tim Mayer, Mayer-Phillips Foundation, Rob and Cynthia McClung, Kevin and Morgan McGarvey, Mark and Jill McIntyre, Jacquie and Andrew McKenna, Frank Stern and Caroline McLean, Tim and Kerry Merkel, Merlin Foundation, Mitchell Foundation, Mike and Anne Worley Moelter, James and Janet Muirhead, Newton Family Foundation, William and Andrea Norris, Oreg Foundation, Annika and William Paradise, Linda Pascotto, Amanda Paulson and Josh Rollins, Payne Family Foundation, Betty Peterson, Merritt Porter Dyke, Posen Family Foundation, Todd and Jen Quigley, Emily Puetz & Sam Reid, Phil and Jill Ragsdale, Jason and Sophie Ramus, Tim and Michele Rapp, Homer and Coverly Rees, Dave Renne and Paulette Middleton, David and Janet Robertson, Rockefeller Family Fund, Thomas and Natalie Romine, Kelly Ryan and Wayne Chavez, Sachs Family Foundation, Drew and Erin Saunders, Taylor and Kim Schollmaier, Scott’s Roofing, Joe Scutero and Debbie Patnaude, Micah and Olivia Shagoury, Dana and James Shriver, Stevan Simich, Sorenson Family Foundation, Suzanne Tegen and John Clasby, Jon and Mary Ellen Thorne, Sky and Linda Thorne, Patti and Eric Tussey, Swaha Foundation, Thomas P. Waters Foundation, Webroot, Western Digital, Whole Foods, Dave Wimberly, Xcel Energy Foundation, Xylynx

“Thorne’s mission and programs for children are excellent and are needed now more than ever. I just love what you do and am honored to support Thorne!”

– Thorne EdVenturer Club Member