Elisheva Holzman-James

Elisheva, pronounced Eh-Li-Sheh-Vah, (she/they) was raised in Santa Barbara, California where she attended alternative and nature based schools as a child. Her passion for gentle and nature centered education continued through her teenage years where she volunteered for Wilderness Youth Project’s Forest Preschool, and eventually became an assistant teacher at 18. She spent 5 years in Israel teaching at a homestead/forest preschool in a farming community while studying Jewish History at PARDES Institute of Jewish Studies, then founded her own forest preschool based on the seasonal rhythms and ancestral traditions of stewards of the land for 3 years. She has over nine years of forest preschool experience and what feels like many lifetimes worth of passion for this work! She is currently completing a multi-year course of study with the Academy of Forest Preschool Teachers. Her days spent at the Coal Creek site in Lafayette are filled with crafting, singing, storytelling, and playing.