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for Main Office
1466 63rd St.
Boulder, CO 80303


(303) 499-3647


(720) 292-1863



    Directions and Phone Contact Info

    Directions to Sombrero Marsh Environmental Education Center and Thorne Administrative Offices

    1466 63rd Street
    Boulder, CO 80303

    Directions from Arapahoe Ave. in Boulder: Turn south on 63rd Street. Ignore the “no outlet” signs. After a short distance the road will turn left/east and there will be a fence on your right beyond which you can see Sombrero Marsh. Continue driving until you see the Sombrero Marsh Environmental Education Center beyond the pavilion on your right. The Center is easy to identify by its wind turbine and the solar panels mounted on the roof. Please park along in the lot and enter the Center on foot at the opening in the fence marked by a large Thorne Nature Experience sign.

    Phone Contacts  

    To reach a specific Thorne team member, dial (303) 499-3647 and the extension. Phone calls for team members without an extension listed can be directed to our main number.

    100 – Ronnie OrderAdministrative Director
    101 – Erin SaundersEducation Programs Director
    102 – Rachel Brett, Director of Community Partnerships
    103 – Hannah Weiss, Senior Manager of School Programs 
    104 – Oak ThorneFounder & Honorary President
    105 – Keith DesrosiersExecutive Director
    106 – Lorene Wapotich, Senior Preschool Manager
    107 – Andy MaedingEducation Programs Mentor
    108 – Caitie MaxwellDevelopment Director
    109 – Natalie Becker, Senior Summer Camp Manager
    110 – Carrie RiesbergMarketing Manager
    111 – Christian Vargas, Director of Community Engagement
    112 – Leann ArendDeputy Director
    113 – Keerigan HegDevelopment Assistant
    115 – Danielle Henshaw, HR Support
    118 – Sarah Grove, Volunteer Manager