We know that parents need answers to lots of questions before they decide to send their kids to a Summer Camp. We have compiled answers to a list of the most popular questions parents ask Thorne each year. If you have other questions, we encourage you to e-mail or call 303.499.3647 if you would like to speak directly to a staff member about any questions you have regarding Thorne’s fun and educational Summer Camp.
Who are Thorne’s instructors?

Thorne camps are taught by our fantastic seasonal and year-round staff! Thorne Instructors have diverse professional backgrounds ranging from elementary and middle school educators to environmental scientists, environmental educators, and summer camp professionals. All Thorne Instructors have passed background checks through the State of Colorado and are certified Program Leaders. To meet this qualification all must be trained in First Aid, CPR, Standard Precautions, and Medication Administration and have a minimum of 460 verifiable hours of experience working with children. Most importantly, all have a passion for connecting youth to nature!

Many camps have the support of volunteer Teaching Assistants (ages 16+) and Student Teaching Assistants (ages 13-15). Some of our volunteers are high school and college students, some are retired teachers, and some are even alumni of Thorne camps! All volunteers have passed background checks and have completed our required volunteer training.


Are you a licensed child care provider? What does this mean?

Yes, Thorne is licensed by the State of Colorado as a childcare provider. We are supervised by the State and adhere to all regulations while carrying out our programs. A copy of our State of Colorado Child Care license and inspection reviews are available upon request.

I lost my registration email. What should I do?

You can always access registration information and account status, as well as update any account details by logging in to your CampInTouch account.


Can I register with you right now over the phone?

Yes, you can call us to register over the phone; however, for most parents online registration is an easier and faster option.

What paperwork do I need to fill out to register for my child to attend Thorne Summer Camp?

Because your child/ren are under Thorne’s care during camp, we need paperwork to ensure their safety and comply with Child Care Licensing. In addition to the Registration Information completed during online registration, we need the following forms that can be accessed from your CampInTouch account:

  • These forms are simply filled out online (e-Signature forms):
    • Medical History & Emergency Contacts Form
    • CDPHE Immunization Form
  • These are the forms you may need to obtain from your doctor:
    • Parent Authorization Form
    • Medication Action Plan (if your child will be bringing ANY medication to camp such as an inhaler or EpiPen)
    • General Health Appraisal (for Thorne Nature Preschool only)
When is payment due?

Full payment is due at the time of registration, unless enrolling in a payment plan. We are unable to reserve a spot in camp without completed registration and payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex. A Payment Plan is available at the time of registration and requires a deposit fee. See below for more information about Payment Plans.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! The Payment Plan is available to choose as a payment option during registration. A $75 nonrefundable deposit is required for each camp. Payment Plans are set up with an eCheck and the remaining balance will be automatically charged across equal payments on February 1, March 1, April 1, and May 1. An invoice will be emailed before being charged to notify you of the impending transaction. If you prefer to pay off your balance more quickly, additional payments may be made at any time by logging into your CampInTouch Account. Please note that full payment must be received prior to the start of the camp.

Can my child and their friend be in the same camp?

Yes, if you register for the same camp for the same session, they will be together. When you register, please be sure to record friends’ names in the space provided.

Do camps sell out?

Typically, camps begin filling up in by mid-January and 95% of all camps fill to capacity. Register as soon as possible to ensure your children and their friends get a spot in their preferred camp.

Please check the Thorne registration website to see the number of spots remaining. If a camp is full, we will give you the option to be placed on a waitlist and will notify you of your status if there is an opening. The waitlist is free and encouraged as each year many waitlisted campers end up being able to attend. Often this is due to a cancellation or if Thorne adds a second session of the same camp.


What happens if the camp I want is full? How do waitlists work?

If a camp is full, you have the option to join the waitlist. If a space becomes available, we will contact you to see if you are still interested in the space. During the process of signing up for a waitlist, the system will ask for payment information. Payment will not be processed until you have been enrolled in the camp. To guarantee your camper will get to experience Thorne Summer Camp this year, you might instead register for your second choice at this time and e-mail to be placed on the waitlist for your first camp choice.

What do campers need to bring to camp?

Specific packing lists are available in the Fact Sheet in your CampInTouch account. Campers will carry their backpacks with required gear throughout the day and will take backpacks off whenever possible. Please label gear and clothing with the camper’s first and last name. As campers explore, clothing and shoes may get dirty and wet – all part of summer outdoor fun!

The following list is required to bring to camp daily for all Thorne campers:

____ Backpack: sized to fit your child that can hold all personal belongings listed below.

____ Clothing for any weather (check daily weather forecast, weather can change suddenly): May include a warm layer (sweatshirt or fleece) and/or Rain gear. Campers will be outdoors (except in extreme weather) and will have fun as long as they are prepared!

____ Shoes: Sturdy and comfortable for exploring on land and in water (no flip-flops or Crocs, please). If you don’t have shoes that are good for hiking and water, pack water shoes in a plastic bag

____ Hat

____ Full bottle of water (20 oz size or larger)

____ Lunch

____ Snacks (for example pretzels, trail mix, fruit)

____ Sunscreen (pre-applied and labeled with your child’s name)

____ Insect repellent (pre-applied if desired and labeled with your child’s name)

____ Optional items: net, compass, binoculars 

____ Do NOT Bring: Electronics, games, toys, knives, or money


Is it ok if my child is late to camp, gets picked up early, or misses one day of camp?

It is best if a camper is present for the full day, each day of camp, so that the group can bond and campers don’t miss any of the adventure. If your child will be late, must be picked up early, or will miss a day, please notify your Instructor on the first day of camp. Refunds are not available for missed days. See our Illness Policy in the Parent Handbook for more information on days missed because of illness.

If you are late on a given day, please contact the Instructor to make arrangements to drop off your child at the day’s site. At least half of the camp days, campers will board a school bus to travel to their field trip location. It is important that campers arrive early enough to board the bus. If a child misses the morning bus, it is the parent/caregiver’s responsibility to drop off at the alternate site for the day.

I’m worried that my child will have a hard time adjusting to camp; can I stay at camp for a while after check-in?

In general, kids are happiest and adjust to camp most quickly if parents leave promptly after check-in. Thorne Instructors have many fun activities planned to engage the kids immediately in their new surroundings. Having parents present after check-in can often make it more difficult to get kids involved in games and projects. If parents want to visit their child’s camp group during the week, they are welcome to do so. Please arrange your visit ahead of time with your child’s Instructor and be sure to sign the Visitor’s Log upon arrival.

My child has special medical, physical, or emotional needs – can you accommodate us?

Whenever possible, Thorne tries to accommodate youth with medical conditions, developmental disabilities, or physical disabilities. To ensure a fun and safe experience for all campers, please contact Thorne’s Summer Camp Manager at or 303.499.3647 ext. 109 to discuss your child’s unique needs.

We are most able to accommodate children with medical needs beyond allergies and asthma with advance notice. We will do our best to accommodate your child, but we cannot guarantee we can meet your child’s specific medical needs at Thorne Summer Camp. Be advised that Thorne will not issue refunds to families if a camper needs to be removed from camp to ensure a safe and quality experience for all of our participants.

My child has allergies and/or asthma but rarely needs to use medicine – can I pack it in his/her backpack just in case? Do I still need to complete your medical forms?

ALL medication (including over-the-counter medicine) requires medical forms to be completed and signed by the child’s physician. Medicine should never be placed in a child’s backpack; rather, it should be given directly to the instructor, and the instructor must be informed of any medication the child may need to be administered during camp hours. Thorne is not able to accept medication without a physician-signed form and accompanying documentation. The forms and instructions on how to complete them can be found in your CampInTouch account after you register.
Medication forms are available to download on the list of Downloadable Forms on your Camp InTouch dashboard.

My child is not a fluent English speaker. Can you accommodate us?

Whenever possible, Thorne tries to accommodate campers with limited English skills. If your child speaks a primary language other than English or Spanish, please contact Thorne’s Summer Camp Manager at or 303.499.3647 ext. 109 to discuss your child’s unique needs. We will do our best to accommodate your child, but we cannot guarantee we can meet your child’s specific language needs at Thorne Summer Camp.

What is the refund & cancellation policy?

Thorne understands that sometimes a family’s summer plans change, family emergencies occur, or a camper becomes sick or is injured. In these instances, Thorne offers transfers and refunds as follows:

  • Transfers – To make a transfer, please e-mail with your child’s name, and the names and dates of the camp you desire to transfer to and from.
    • Prior to May 1, camps can be transferred at no cost.
    • After May 1 and up to 14 days prior to the camp start date camps can be transferred for a $75 fee.
    • Within 14 days of the start of a camp, no transfers will be made. (Please refer to the cancellation policy).

                     There is no fee for Extended Care transfers.

                    All transfers are dependent on availability.

  • Cancellation – If you must cancel, please e-mail as soon as possible.
    • A $75.00 nonrefundable deposit is required for each camp.
    • Prior to March 1, 90% refund of the total fee.
    • March 1- March 31, 80% refund of the total fee.
    • April 1- April 30, 70% refund of the total fee.
    • After April 30, no refunds will be offered.
    • Last-Minute Medical Transfer/Credit – In the event of illness or injury prior to the start of a camp, please e-mail as soon as possible. Thorne will transfer the camper to another available camp or issue a credit good for up to 1 year for a future camp. A doctor’s note stating the camper’s inability to participate will be required. Requests for a medical cancellation will not be granted after a camp has ended.

                     There is a $15.00 fee for Extended Care cancellations.

What is your Tax ID number?

Thorne Summer Camp may be deductible on your taxes as child care. Thorne’s EIN/Tax ID number is 84-6029250. Please consult a tax professional for specifics.

Does Thorne have a policy on bullying?

Thorne’s Behavior Expectation Statement:
Our camp philosophy is to provide a joyful, safe space (physically, socially, and emotionally) to explore in and learn about nature. We believe Thorne is a community where children can both connect to nature and develop life skills, like making good decisions and being responsible for actions. We practice Social Emotional Learning, inclusiveness, respect for others, and bully prevention, with the knowledge that the well-being and safety of children is fundamental to the enjoyment of camp and nature connection.

Anti-Bullying Statement:
Bullying is considered unacceptable at Thorne Nature Experience. Bullying is defined by The American Camp Association as “when one or more people exclude, tease, taunt, gossip, hit, kick, or put down another person with the intent to hurt another.” Bullying can occur “overtly and directly, with physical behaviors, such as fighting, hitting, or name calling, or covertly through emotional-social interactions, such as gossiping or leaving someone out on purpose.” Thorne determines consequences for bullying on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the severity and consistency of the behavior, parents may be asked to immediately come and pick up their children for the day. Thorne reserves the right to suspend a child for one day up to permanent termination as they feel is necessary to maintain the integrity of the camp for all campers and staff.  In this case, no refund will be issued.

For more information on Thorne’s behavior policy, please see the parent handbook.

I’ve forgotten my CampMinder password, how can I reset it?

To retrieve your password, visit and click on “Retrieve/Set Password.” If you need further assistance, contact Thorne Nature Experience at 303.499.3647 x100 or OR contact CampMinder at 303.444.2267 and press 3 for Camp Parent support.