Caitlin Hochwald

Caitlin (she/her/hers) is an AmeriCorps member and friend to trees and bugs serving at Thorne. In 2023 she graduated with an Environmental Studies degree from Naropa University. She moved to Colorado from Buffalo, New York in 2021 to attend school and fell deeply in love with the mountains and prairies that permeate the West. Informed by her wild love for the natural and the whimsical, Caitlin is passionate about the fields of ecology, ecopsychology, and childhood education. She is curious about what it means to be human on Earth and finds joy in exploring and expanding her relationship with the more-than-human world. She feels ecstatic at the opportunity to inspire others to do the same! In alignment with Thorne’s mission, Caitlin is passionate about intuitive nature play and place-based education. She is committed to supporting little ones’ joyful connection to each other and to the land and is grateful for the chance to grow her own sense of Earth stewardship and belonging through this work.